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Wrong time to ask for tech support

Last weekend a coworker turned 60 and on Monday everyone in the administrative section, about 20 people or so, booked a meeting room and threw a small party. There was cake, coffee, a homemade 8 verse song, a handsome giftcard as well as a couple other gifts.

After the cake had been eaten, song sung and during the unpacking of gifts, one of the ladies in finance ($FL) leaned over to my manager. ($M)

$FL: Is there anything wrong with the internet? I can't get online anymore.

$M: Have you tried opening a web browser to see if any pages load?

$FL: Web browser? But the internet doesn't work if the icon isn't shown at the bottom, right? The internet icon.

$M: Can we come back to this at a later time?

$FL: But I need my internet to working, and the internet icon is gone. Can't you help me?

$M: I'll send $ME around to have a look afterwards.

The lady agreed to it, and I made a stop in at her computer shortly after to find that the browser icons had disappeared from the taskbar. It amazes me that some people ask these things at the most inopportune times.

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