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This isn’t your own internet!

This one is short, but nonetheless very worthy.

So i'm basically the 15 year old tech kid in the family and last year I went to visit my grandparents. While I was there they complained to me about how there internet was slow.

I check the internet speeds on there phones and I do notice it's unusually slow so I look at the router. Everything here looks fine, router is the default Xfinity one but it shouldn't be nearly this slow. Then I take a look at there WiFi settings… There connected to the Xfinity WiFi hotspot… I ask them how long they've been on this network and they said ever since they moved into the house. They've owned the house for 5 years. FIVE YEARS! They've been paying for home internet they don't even use for five years! I ask them why they're not connected to their own WiFi and they said they forgot the password. I tried to help them reset the router but they don't want to risk breaking anything…

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