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The ONE time a user thought of troubleshooting without contacting tech support… and still failed

Once upon a time there was a CEO of a little Business, placed in a little town, which received a strange email.
The email had no content and only a little word file attached.

As he opened the the word file, while closing a pop-up warning by clicking "accept" as always, he got greeted by a blank page and nothing else.

He thought:

"There has to be a reason someone sent me this document. I think my computer just has problems to display the content."

Because he outsourced the IT to a MSP, which charges per hour, he thought:

"Let's save some money and do some troubleshooting by our self."

and forwarded the email to one of his employees with the question

"Can you see the content of this word document? "

Because the employee also couldn't see the content of the file, he sent it to one of his co-workers, which also couldn't see anything and forwarded it to another co-worker and so on.

As you probably already guessed, the word file was infected with ransomware – now spreaded over all computers in the company, encrypting every file on the computers and the network shares.

Luckily, before the incident happened, the MSP somehow managed to establish the practice to save everything important on the fileshare, which is daily backed up.

So in the end, the Business lost the work of a day and got charged the emergency rate of the MSP and lost way more money, than just by asking for help.

TL;DR – Customer has problems, somehow manages to think of troubleshooting in the worst possible way and ruins everything in the end.

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