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The good ol days of Dial Up Tech Support, Circa early 2000’s

Heres an oldie for you. Ill get the details as good as I can. But I only remember some of the highlights of these phone calls.

I was a young, quite bright kid doing Call Center Tech Support for the lovely Dial-Up people and DSL for the ballers.

I mean who pays $70 a month for high speed internet. Absurd!

Anyway. There is this very hostile lady on the other end yelling and screaming that we

  • "killed her computer!"

I patiently sit through the berating comments gathering little tid bits of information from her as to the actual problem.

I try and pull up her account based on her call in number. Cant find it. Shes apparently calling me on her cell phone which no one really did back then. It was lousy call quality and expensive. You paid for minutes! Use your home phone.

She continues to claim that while she was using our internet (service) her computer stopped working.


This is a common issue. Customers always think that they were using Service A when Problem X happened. It must be our fault.

The berating and personal assaults continue as I try to help her out as much as possible. I do find out she has work to do and the deadline is approaching. Only 3-4 minutes into the call do I start getting somewhere. Her phone keeps cutting out and I ask her if she can call us back on a land line.

She proclaims she cannot, its not working.

wait, huh?

  • $Me: Ma'am, if your home phone isnt working then how do you expect your internet to work?

  • $MrsAngry: Havent you been listening? its not the internet. My entire PC wont work!!!

I was listening but genuinely didnt care. If its not our service thats the issue then its not our problem

After more back and forth I find out there was a huge storm near by her. There was a massive lighting strike and her house power shut off. It came back on but her PC and internet and all her electronic goodies werent turning on.

I pried a little more for information and asked if there was a bizarre odor in the room shortly afterwards?

  • $MrsAngry: How did you know?

  • $Me: Is your equipment plugged directly into the wall or is it on a surge protector?

  • MrsAngry: more angry berating and non nonsensical, inaccurate verbs being used

  • $Me: Thats a power strip. Not a surge protector. All it does is give you more outlets to plug things into. Your equipment might be dead. (She was using the in-wall 3-Way plugs you get from the hardware stores. Not the surge style).

In the end, $MrsAngry still tries to blame us. Saying she will bill us for any damages to her PC, yadda yadda. In my most upbeat and nicest, way overt the top voice I give her our corporate contact info and tell her to have a GREAT day.

Best part is after all of that, my call was being listened to and I was told I should be nicer and more concerned about our customers problems. Even though I was being cussed at the entire call, I was out of line in not being more more concerned. You can imagine I didnt care and that job didnt last long!

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