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Server drop and phone system break down (Live Story)

So this story is happening as I write this so be prepared for updates, this is basically the play by play of the shit I experience about 2 twice or so a month.

I work as a support staff and developer for a software reseller, where we run a 3-man support and development team with probably about 100 or so different companies with various amounts of users.

Today I get a few calls from $User who is unable to remove documents from the system or view new ones, I walk them through doing it and they're happy for a little while. $User calls up again complaining that the system is running so slowly it takes 5 minutes to load an overview or document. So I do the general lines of are you the only one experiencing this, is your internet working fine e.t.c

Now we don’t host the servers so we have no idea if we're having service issues or updates. Im the only one left at the help desk as the rest of my team is training customers in the other room, I start getting these calls crackling and breaking down so I can hear the caller anymore. Then all the servers basically crash and all the user from said 100 companies decide to call me at the same time now unable to hear most of what they're saying I cant diagnose any of the error messages or let them know we're looking into it. The phones basically sound like a heavy metal band has set up next to the caller and maxed out the speakers. So checking the call que I can see about 20 calls waiting on hold to be answered. So I start picking up the remaining calls and most of the users think im basically Hitler.

$User “how can I let this happen, I have important documents to send out I cant be dealing with this! Just fix it”

$Me “Im sorry, we're looking into this now with our hosting and development team! But im unable to give you a time frame on how long it'll be before its up again.”

$User ”Just fix mine, don’t care about anyone else using the system! I need this sent out today.”

The system is server based and basically, runs on a single central server which runs everyone's database and service. The user just hangs up on me and complains to the owner of my company about what happened thinking it's going to speed anything up. I decided to just ignore it and deal with the calls and chase how long it's going to take to restore.

This happens so often and basically stops me doing anything productive for about 2 days while I deal with outage tickets and complaining users throwing their toys out the pram because they can get what they want.

TL: DR Small company server and phone system start to break down and get swarmed by childlike customers who think they can scream to get what they want.

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