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My internet isnt working! XYZ is a terrible Company

Another tale of why Minimum Service Call fees are awesome! I get time to post these gems.

I get a service call a couple weeks ago. Customer person just moved into a new apartment and had XYZ Internet Setup.

Customer states his internet only works some of the time. Internet Company XYZ hasnt helped at all.

I show up and check everything out. Internet is working fine. Customer then gets frustrated and states he know its works fine at his apartment. I give a baffled look.

He then being listing off the locations it doesnt work in a frustrated manner.

  • $Cust: Like when I go down to the pool area. My WiFi isnt working any more! I cant get internet. Also, yesterday as the coffee shop I couldnt get signal there either! Why am I paying for this service if I cant use it.

From there it was a painful process of trying to explain how your home internet only work at your home. Its not a cellular service. It doesnt follow you around. I then tried to explain hotspots and only made it more confusing apparently.

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