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I made it fit

This is my first time posting here so please be nice and constructive.

So I normally work as a sales assistant, helping people out with what they want to purchase as most of the time they don't even know themselves. I work in one of the biggest companies in my Malta, which causes an uprise in the ammount of people coming from different backgrounds. When the servicing department are closed I take responsibility to do some minor repair note taking for them to tackle the day after. It was a standard day at work, we were extremely busy so everyone was on their 5th gear. Quickly came an old man who had just baught a very basic laptop. He complained that it was not charging and therefore wanted to return the whole thing. The conversation went a bit like this:

Client – I want to return this. It is not charging already. I want my money back. Techmnine- Unfortunately, the servicing department are closed at the moment. can you elaborate on what the problem is so I can pass the issue on to them tomorrow? Client – It's not charging, it was working for 15 minutes and now it switched on without any notice. I already hate this thing. Give me my money back. Techmnine – Well, here is the sales department, I cannot give you your money back before one of our technical reps comes and views it himself. Client – I want to talk to your superiors. Techmnine – They will repeat the same thing but its not a problem.

I go inside and explain everything to my supervisor. He continues to deal with the client until I continue sales with some other clients. Finally, my supervisor tells me to take back the laptop as he had convinced him to leave it one night and that if they found anything wrong with the laptop, they would give him his full money back. So I went and opened the box which enclosed the laptop and to my surprise the charging transformer was still in it's plastic case. I further investigated. I found that the lead cable from the socket to the transformer so opened tho. I asked the client and the conversation went as follows:

Techmnine – I see you didn't open the transformer, this might be the reason why the laptop isn't charging. You didn't plug this into the laptop. Client – No no, I used the other cable that was included. I didn't like the bulkiness of that one. Techmnine – But that cable surely doesn't fit, it's simply a lead cable. Client – I made it fit.

I was literally shocked. I opened the plastic which revealed the laptop. It was in superb condition (having been baught that same morning) but the charging port had somehow increased in size via what I believed to be plyer marks. It was so horrendous, one of my supervisors was next to me and he immediately took action. He confronted the client about what he had done. He told us that he did so in a way that the middle pin entered and made contact with the pin in the lead. I was astonished as to what degree the client went through to make all of this work. We gave him back the laptop and told him that such damage could not be covered under warranty and that probably if any current entered the board it's probably fried. He left shouting and swearing, calling all this bad customer service. I doubt highly how anyone else would have handled this differently.

TLDR – Client made lead fit into his laptop power input. Could not accept that that is not covered by warranty.

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