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So I am a student working as Classroom tech support at a large University. This happened a week ago. About half an hour into my shift, we get a call from the support line.

$me = me $SL= Support Line

Hello Classroom support office, this is $me.

$SL: hi $me. So i have a professor in (building and room number) who is having an issue with their system. Says the monitor is just showing blue. The TA is having trouble with it too.

$me: Alright, I'll take a look.

It was on the far end of the campus that I wasn't entirely familiar with (new to the job, new to campus), so I buddy up with another co-worker who just worked on that classroom for a cable issue. She was hired about the same time as me. So we get to the room and yep, it was as described. Blank blue screen staring at us. Definitely not a BSOD at least.

$Co = Coworker

$Co: Cable probably needs plugged in.

$Me: Yeah, I agree with you there.

Professor was teaching an either a senior level or graduate level software security course, so we assumed he knew at least the basics (and the system was actually running). So we both start checking and re-seating cables (as that was an issue before). Nothing. Despite this, since co-worker was completely new to IT, she kept plugging at it and then ran out of ideas.

I have worked in IT since High School, so I remembered we probably should backtrack on the troubleshooting. Remove all assumptions. I took literal step back and found the issue: The Computer wasn't even on. I pushed the button, and we walked back to the office laughing at ourselves for taking 5 minutes to turn a computer on.

TL:DR Don't expect anything from the User.

Edit: Formattting. Please let me know if i need to make any changes!

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